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About us (staff & uniform)

StageWorks Performing Arts School was opened by Emma-Jane Taylor in Henley on Thames in 2000 & the school expanded to Bristol in 2004 then branches opened in Benson & Cookham in 2007, Somerset in 2009, Caversham in 2010 and Cholsey in 2020. 

*2010 marked our 10th Anniversary. We are celebrating 20 years in 2020.  

StageWorks Performing Arts Classes (see our Performing Arts Class page for more information) have become very popular and we take all of our students to a professional working theatre every year to ensure they perform what they have learnt! We have over 400 students (young and old) and our high standards and good reputation in the Performing Arts, is recognised throughout.

The students of StageWorks work hard, have fun and learn skills that will develop and assist them in every walk of life. The classes build confidence, self belief, determination. We watch even the most timid children bloom, it really does make us feel very proud and even if they don't go onto be profressional performers we know (and have confidence) they will go on to become confident children and believe in themselves.

"StageWorks classes give children confidence, self belief, determination and motivation in whatever they choose to do with their life.  No-one is incapable of singing, dancing or acting!"


All StageWorks staff are fully trained, DBS checked, qualified and experienced in the Performing Arts. We run a training scheme for junior teachers wanting to move into the performing arts.

StageWorks prides itself on having a young, dynamic and positive team whose main aim is to encourage the children in the Performing Arts. The team meet once every term to make sure they are working to the same standards.

All the staff take time to work with each student individually. Whilst all the staff work hard there is also a lot of fun and the atmosphere throughout the year is what makes StageWorks one of the most desirable schools to join in the local area. All staff continue to perform in professional and amateur productions.

Please visit our 'staff' page for further information on our 'team'.

uniform and class information

All students must have correct footwear i.e. jazz shoes and tap shoes. We have a uniform that students must adhere to in their classes and we also use this when we 'turn out' at all our events. 

Uniform: COMPULSORY - Black StageWorks T-Shirt, Black StageWorks Dance trousers, Black Jazz shoes, Black Tap shoes.

Uniform: OPTIONAL - StageWorks Hoodie with their initials on the back.

Mobile phones MUST be switched off during class time. Hair must be tied up and off the face. NO jewellery to be worn at anytime.

All classes start on time and students should arrive and be dropped off 5 minutes before class starts. We ask that parents leave the hall whilst the classes are in progress to prevent disruption. Parents must collect children on time after each class. We will not allow children to leave unattended. For the Jelly Tot Classes we will allow parents to stay upstairs.

PLEASE NOTE: Parents are duly bound to collect their child from class on time, we have a 5 minute late policy and parents must contact StageWorks to update the team if they are running late. We will always ensure students are waiting with DBS checked responsible adults. StageWorks will always liaise with parents on the arrangements for collection if parents are to be late. 

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